Tolles CSR – Zitat von Willis Harman, World Business Academy:

Business has become the most powerfull institution on the planet.
The dominant institution in any society needs to take responsibility for the whole.
But business has not had such a tradition.
This is a new role, not well understood or accepted.

Built into the concept of capitalism and free enterprise from the beginning was the assumption that the actions of many units of individual enterprise, responding to market forces and guides by the „invisible hand“ of Adam Smith, would somehow add up to desirable outcomes.

But in the last decade of the 20th century, it has become clear that the „invisible hand“ is faltering.
It dependend on overarching meanings and values are no longer present.
So business has to adopt a tradition it has never had troughout the entire history of capitalism: to share the responsibility of the whole.
Every decision that is made, every action that is taken, must be viewed in light of that responsibility.

Gefunden im SEHR empfehlenswerten Buch (S 294): The 8th Habit / Stephen R. Covey
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